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Biography// Stephanie Herbert studied Anthropology as part of a extensive education, and after graduating in Art Education from the University of London she began working as an exhibiting freelance Fine Artist, award-winning illustrator and educator in London. She graduated a second time in 2009 from The Cass School of Art with a BA in Fine Art. Her visual and cultural curiosity has led her to travel widely in the search for ideas and influences. Stephanie has a studio at Euroart in Tottenham and was one of the original co-founders of espacio*gallery in Bethnal Green Road, East London.

Aims// I hope during the Cube residency to create, find and use mutually productive, creative exchanges with academics and professionals working on the neuroscience of perception, especially gist/ensemble perception, musical composition and dance performance. I am interested in how The Cube space works as a hub for co-operation, collaboration and engagement between arts and science practitioners, and how my input might also lead to perhaps unexpected new developments in my own practice.

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