Synapse II: Historical Specimens

There were three branches that became apparent in the first synapse, the historical/sociological, the biological/neurological, and the interest in how this effects us now.  All of these will be explored as the residency progresses.

For the Second Synapse: Historical Specimens our investigation is going to focus on historical examples of evolutionary spikes. Places in cultures and time, where spikes in human evolution, both social and physical occurred. From Mesopotamia, to Ancient Athens, to Imperial China, to Medieval Baghdad, to Renaissance Florence, each peak in social evolution had its reasons, its cause and effects. We will be looking into potential causes of these spikes, economic, technological, social, philosophical….trying to determine why they occur, the shared conditions, the prerequisites of social evolution.

What are the conditions necessary for the dynamic evolution of a human system?

On the 19th of March we will present what we have discovered.

Thank you for all your support to date.

Your Artists in Residence,

Jared Vaughan DavisJulius Colwyn, Mary Helen Mack, Mandy Hreus, Stephanie Herbert & Marta Pinilla 


IMG_5107 IMG_5105


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